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CSA Healthcare GmbH and YouDiagnose announce strategic partnership in AI-powered cancer services

CSA Healthcare GmbH and YouDiagnose announced today a strategic partnership for joint marketing in digital health and AI-powered cancer services.

CSA Healthcare has expertise in strategy and business development that includes a broad spectrum of commercial engagement in the area of oncology, life sciences, pharma industry and medical technologies. YouDiagnose has cutting-edge innovative products and solutions for today's healthcare problems such as chronic shortage of medical staff, delayed diagnosis of cancer, misdiagnosis, medical error, chronic physician burnout and unsustainable Healthcare expenditures.

The two companies will collaborate closely, bringing the synergy of their partnership networks together, to accelerate the adoption of the futuristic technologies into the healthcare sector. Coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore the existing inefficiencies in the healthcare sector. The strategic partnership will work to provide innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning-driven healthcare solutions and frugal futuristic technologies to healthcare institutions, cancer centres, teaching institutes and individual physicians and surgeons, to revolutionise their model of care to drive efficiency, economy and safety. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to drive self-sustainability into the healthcare ecosystem, improve patient safety and cancer survival.

Following are some of the organisations which will be the immediate beneficiaries of this partnership:

  1. Primary or secondary care units looking to improve cancer survival

  2. Participants in genomic or microbiome signature research studies

  3. Organisations facing cancer care issues, e.g. delayed cancer diagnosis or misdiagnosis

  4. Organisations facing chronic healthcare or staffing issues

  5. Organisations looking to digitalise their healthcare

  6. Organisations looking to bring efficiency into their healthcare model

  7. Organisations looking to adoption cancer management systems

Please contact or for further information.

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